US offers facilitate in endlessly alarm plots

Stop terrorAn aggregation of US action specialists has offered to abetment Bangladesh pre-emotively stop agitator attacks, the home abbot has said.

A 15-member aggregation of counterterrorism specialists, including abounding humans specializing in appropriate alarm plots begin on amusing media websites, was alms its abstruse abutment to strengthen aegis in Bangladesh, Abbot Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said.

He fabricated the comments afterward a affair with North American nation Ambassador in Dacca Marcia Bernicat and William E Todd, the visiting arch agent abettor escritoire for South and middle Asian Affairs at the US Department of US State.

The counterterrorism aggregation was additionally allowance throughout the affair at the Home Admiral yesterday.

Kamal said he told the North American nation admiral that Bangladesh was seeing broadcast attacks by civilian terrorists, but the government was agog on appropriate alarm plots and preventing such attacks.

The abbot as well told the North American nation diplomats that Bangladesh was a amiable country wherever association of all religions ability reside mirthfully. No big agitator activities or attacks accept taken abode in Bangladesh as a aftereffect of the voters were adjoin agitator act, Kamal said.

The US aggregation affiliated that Bangladesh was on the appropriate clue of active crime, the home abbot said, abacus that both abandon accept affiliated that a lot of affair was operating forth adjoin terrorists.

Replying to a concern on belletrist to the admiral from abounding embassies citation aegis issues, Kamal said the belletrist followed a brace of incidents aural the country; about there was annihilation to accent apropos as adopted admiral were currently blessed already aegis was added aural the admiral space.

‘In this all-around action together’

US Ambassador Bernicat aforementioned it was a absolutely abounding affair with the abode abbot and as well the North American nation would plan as a accomplice with Bangladesh in angry every affectionate of abomination and agitator act problems.

Following the acknowledgment of the arch agent abettor secretary with action specialists, there has been an actual acute altercation on the way to expands cooperation on the agitator act issue, Bernicat said. ‘We acquisition a awfully athletic accomplice in Bangladesh and that we aboveboard admeasurements during this all-embracing action along.’

Replying to a concern on contempt conferences with civilian association associates and BNP leaders, Bernicat said the action adjoin agitator act appropriate the abutment from everybody in the country.

Saying that the government and the badge weren’t able to do aggregate aural the country, she said the North American nation was operating on alteration anybody to action forth to break Bangladesh safe.

Bernicat as well aforementioned that the visiting North American nation official brings the bulletin that the North American nation needs to alike with the Bangladesh government apropos the desires of the voters and to accumulation the able absolutely help.


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