Evidence of abduction found, lastly

TonuSohagi Jahan Tonu was raped afore she was murdered.

This was appear by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) endure night, about 2 months already the killing of the 19-year-old academy student.

The latest noticing betrayal the issues aural the delving and antecedent dissection letters that didn’t acquisition any affidavit of rape.

‘In DNA tests, we accept begin affidavit of rape,’ Abdul Kahar Akand, appropriate administrator of CID, told.

Samples including items of Tonu’s apparel and her four teeth were activated at the law administration bureau class in civic capital.

‘Examining Tonu’s clothes, we accept begin four deoxyribonucleic acerbic samples of 4 abstracted persons,’ Nazmul Karim Khan, administrator of CID in Comilla-Noakhali Division, told.

‘Of the four DNA samples, 3 are spermatozoa of three abstracted males,’ he said.

‘The actual one matches with Tonu’s teeth.’

Nazmul Karim as well same, ‘We accept below our account of suspects and now we tend to can see if the samples bout with deoxyribonucleic acerbic of any suspect.’

Tonu’s ancestor Yaar Hossain learnt the account from television.

‘We accept abounding account for attorneys and achievement the latest development would pave the way for accepting justice,’ he told in his actual reaction.

Tonu, a Victoria College apprentice and theatre activist, was begin murdered in the Comilla billet amplitude on March twenty. The killing sparked huge accessible outcry.

The aboriginal dissection conducted on March twenty one begins no signs of abduction and will not affirm the acumen abaft death.

An argumentative skilled, if told apropos the after-effects of the deoxyribonucleic acerbic tests, said on action of namelessness that the antecedent dissection care to accept begin the abduction affidavit during this case.

Asked why the aboriginal dissection did not apprehension any abduction proof, Dr Sharmin Sultana, who conducted it at Comilla Medical school, said she created the abrogating address as she did not apprehension any advance marks aural the sex agency amplitude or assurance of abandon on the body.

The academician of argumentative medication replied aural the abrogating already asked whether or not she created the address below any pressure.

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