Brishti acts below Shamrat’s administration for antecedent time

Tania BristiPopular model & actress Tania Brishti, who has been operating at the aforementioned time in absolutely altered tv commercials, tele dramas and cinemas back she stepped into showbiz, has formed below the administration of Khalid Hossain Shamrat for the antecedent time. Though she has formed with abounding notable administrators in her career, the befalling of operating with one added able administrator like Shamrat, who is a son of Nayak aphorism acclaimed allegorical amateur Razzak, did not appear to the actress’ court. DhakaLive has account that Tania has afresh acted below the administration of Shamrat in the tele-drama blue-blooded ‘Bhayangkar Ek Chutir Din’. Written by Rana Zakaria, the cutting of this tele-drama was already completed in Pubail on the outskirts of the capital. However, due to some contempo changes, the cutting will yield abode already added nowadays aural the aforementioned location. Other casts of the tele-drama embrace Rashed Mamun Apu, Saif Khan, and a part of others.

Director Khalid Hossain Samrat seemed hopeful apropos the tele drama, ‘I feel that “Bhayangkar Ek Chutir Din” is one such adventure with which the admirers can abatement in love. I can say that already a continued time, I accept formed in a actual actual difficult activity through this tele drama. This is the primary time that Tania has formed below my administration and she or he has done a acceptable add her acting. The admirers will in fact be afflicted by her acting during this tele-drama.’

Tania Brishti aggregates the acquaintance of the work, ‘By alive below the administration of Khalid Hossain Samrat, I got to apprentice lots added apropos acting. He is a absolutely accomplished alone and that i am absolutely afflicted by his work. In the tele drama, I accept played as a archetypal called Mila. Khalid Hossain Shamrat absolutely aggressive and afflicted American accompaniment to go abysmal into the appearance I acclimated to be depiction. I am actual animated operating during this project.’ To note, Shamrat accustomed immense acclaim for his administration as able-bodied as acting for the tele film ‘Daaybhar’. Tania-acted three ball serials ‘Samadhan’, ‘Samrat’ and ‘Mon Theke Dure Noy’ are getting aerial on abundant TV channels. The tele drama will anon be aerial on Channel I.

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